Starponic Farms LLC


Starponic Farms designed a vertically integrated automated hydroponic solution indoors. The problems that we set out to solve include:

  • Food safety
  • Food availability
  • Business sustainability

Hydroponically grown produce is known to be safer for consumption than traditional farming. Not having to apply biocides to control pests, weeds, or bacteria allows a hydroponic grower to offer safer food to the population.

When our facility is operational we will be growing produce indoors in a controlled environment. This will allow Starponic Farms to grow produce year round and not be reliant upon changing weather conditions.

Starponic Farms plans to make itself a lean and sustainable business from the beginning. Automation is the key to this. Many companies talk about automation as monitoring the lights above the plants and the nutrition going into the water for the plants. Starponic Farms is working on a facility that also automates the movement of the plants. This will reduce human contact with the produce also reinforcing food safety.